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IQC: The International Qualification Converter Database

IQC is the comprehensive online reference tool for those recruiting international students and assessing their qualifications: a purposely designed product of GRS Group, the managing agent of the UK NARIC services in the UK.

We are experienced credential evaluators, committed to sharing our expertise on international education systems, qualifications, recognition and education fraud: Higher education institutions, government departments and professional bodies worldwide access our specialised education databases, training workshops, bespoke project work, direct enquiry support and counter fraud services.

Boasting 193 country education profiles, the IQConverter database provides essential and up-to-date information for the informed recognition of international qualifications. Explore more.

IQC database update: Luxembourg, The IQConverter update to Luxembourg sees the introduction of...... CONTINUE READING
IQC database update: Monaco and The 2015 Monaco country update sees the introduction of...... CONTINUE READING
NEW country information: Laos and The 2015 Liechtenstein country update sees the introduction of...... CONTINUE READING